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Micro Needle Roller Anti Hair Loss

Micro Needle Roller Anti Hair Loss

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We can help you whether you want to stimulate hair development or deal with hair loss. Clinical studies have shown that using a derma roller can treat hair loss and stimulate hair growth. 

Our 0.20mm needles of medical-grade stainless steel were used to create this product for superior performance. When used, these needles "micro-injure" the skin and hair follicles, releasing growth factors that promote the development of new cells and new hair follicles.

Use once weekly for optimum results; wait to reapply until the treatment region is fully healed.
We advise lightly wetting and combing hair before usage to prevent frizz.


  • To prevent the hair from becoming tangled, we advise lightly wetting and combing it before usage.
  • Roll the dermal roller back and forth three to four times, horizontally, vertically, and diagonally, while dividing your hair into pieces and applying light pressure. Possible temporary redness. There can be a slight tingling or stinging feeling.
  • Please follow the cleaning instructions below after using your Derma Roller:
  • Rinse your derma roller for two to three seconds in warm water.
  • Fill a small dish with Dettol or isopropyl alcohol.
  • For a complete cleaning, soak your derma roller for 10 minutes. It is advised to use the cleaning agent solely on the needles and to take care not to get any on the plastic because it includes alcohol.




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